Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Food Stamps and the National Debt

Like everyone else in society, I need to blow off steam which I do through ironical emails to people. Some of these I have been told are funny and entertaining. I recently applied to get my food stamp allowance increased and as life would have it, is was decreased. 

"Thank you for explaining to me that everyone has been getting a reduction in their food stamp allowance due to the national debt crisis. My food stamp allowance was reduced from $2.03 a day to $1.45 a day. Even though I am totally disabled it does give me pleasure to know that I am personally able to sacrifice and contribute towards reducing the national debt. It's also a relief to know that because of my 58 cent a day contribution companies like Exxon and GE will not have to pay any taxes, as well as we will not have to burden the top 2% of wage earners of the United States with any additional taxes." 

I now am receiving full time emergency home health care through medicaid and Jewish Home Life Care. I am permanently disabled with frontotemporal degeneration and can no longer take care of myself. Home health care has given me the ability to have 3-4 hours of fully functioning hours a day, whereas I used to have none. I'm able to think clearly and write between 6:30am - 9:30am. I usually start slipping quickly after that with the disease getting the best of me. Most days I wind up in my room from about 12:30pm till the next morning. I have absolutely no complaints. I am so grateful just to have those hours in which I can once again have purpose and contribute to society. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I will savior and take advantage of each hour.

 *Eight years ago I used to fly to Thailand and have my suits and clothing tailored in Bangkok. Today, though I currently present myself well, I realistically can't afford clothing from the salvation army. Guess what? It's morning, I'm writing and doing great. My life has once again regained happiness and purpose.  Next week my son is coming in for a visit from Seattle. Life cannot be much better.

 Thanks again for taking the time and making the effort to learn about dementia and how people learn to cope with it. For my comrades in arms that have the disease, stand tall, be happy and continue to move forward with your lives. I started this blog about a week ago and have had over 200 people visit it.

Next article will be Dementia and Depression 

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