Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kickstarter Final Numbers

Hi Everyone,

Final Kickstarter fundraiser numbers for "Howard's Brain". The goal was $20,000 and $23,117 was raised.
This was a total success. Thank you everyone for your global effort. Your hard work and donations made this a reality. This film will increase public awareness of FTD and help increase funds for an eventual cure.

Excuse me now while I leave Starbucks. I'm going home and passing out.

Love to all,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Fat Lady's Singing

Click link to see Trailer 

The Fat Lady's Singing

I want to thank everyone for there efforts. At 11:55pm we crossed the over $20,000. 

This was done with a global community effort. There were separate groups online all working furiously trying to get donations. The people working together have 

There was of flurry cyberspace activity.

Hawaii, Israel, California, Mexico, Florida, Australia, Canada, England, New York and many other places were communicating over the internet.

Two people I know, one I haven't seen or spoken since the 70's, the other I was close with in the 80's were miles away from each other in distant state communicating and combining efforts. It was never discussed that either of them even personally knew me. The only thing discussed was different efforts to raise funds attain our goal and fight FTD.

I need to introduce those two.

One group had about 20 people from multiple countries planning, bantering, posting, tweeting, emailing and sending smoke signals.

When we crossed the 20k plateau, I started getting messages from people like the following,"Great, I can finally go to sleep".

Jennifer from "Dementia Today" tweeted over 700 
people and published an incredible article.
Please read
Howard's Brain
Today is the final day to donate.
Thank you for allowing me to continue the fight against FTD through film.


Monday, March 26, 2012

2 days left

Click link to see Trailer and donate!

We reached $20,000 in pledged donations last night. 
I want to thank everyone for there donations. 
I appreciate the hard work that many of you put into networking,which got us over the edge. 

This film might be starring me, but it's really about the patients, caregivers, relatives, friends and all those devastated by FTD.

The mission of "Howard's Brain" film project is clear. Further public awareness and move us forward towards a cure. The Kickstarter fundraiser will be collecting donations for another 2 days. Pledge gifts such as "Special Thanks" in the films credits or other pledge gifts we be available till then. 

Thank you again,


Friday, March 16, 2012

FTD Blog Reaches 15,000 Visitors

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Please donate to "Howard's Brain" and help us further public awareness of FTD. The project will help with raising funds toward an eventual cure.

Special Thanks to AFTD for there generous donation.

*$50 donation receives "special thanks" in the films credits.


My FTD Support Blog crossed over 15,000 visitors. 

Thank you so much for your support.

The blog is my base of operations. I started this venture 8 months ago. I remember celebrating after reaching 100 people. 

I started the blog to help those with FTD, as well as a way of saying thank you to the many people that've helped get me back on my feet. 

Since starting the blog I've also been involved in a number of other projects in the world of FTD. Some have been successful and others not.

The "Howard's Brain" film project has filmed over 100 hours and is in the production stage.  This documentary will not only further public awareness of FTD, but will give the medical community footage of someone with FTD going from one stage to the next. This will hopefully help in the treatment of others. I have dedicated my life to fighting FTD and am committed to filming as long as possible.

The other project I am proud of is the FTD Patient Support group. This private group is now up to 36 members. I started this group so there would be a comfortable place for people with FTD to go, as well as a good resource for accurate information. Little did I know when I started it, how much that group would be helping me. I am honored to be a member of the group, for the members are the bravest and most spirited people I've ever met. 

Though I like to try ignore the fact that my sidekick FTD is hanging out, FTD unfortunately hasn't been ignoring me. I've been finding it more difficult to function.

As many of you know, I don't have nor want a caregiver. The closest thing I have to a caregiver is AFTD, particularly Sharon Denny. AFTD and Sharon are there for me 7 days a week. 

AFTD is not only the worlds leading resource for accurate information on FTD, but there staff goes way out of there way for each person that contacts them. There more than just a nonprofit, there a source of comfort and backbone to many.

People write to me concerned of my future plans for long term care. There's not a lot of planning that can be done when your on public assistance and 63 cents a day in food stamps. I am comforted to know I have AFTD and NYC Riverstone (Memory Club) to help me in that transition. 


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FTD - Cognitive Skill Decline and "Howard's Brain" update

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I want to thank all of of those who've donated  to "Howard's Brain". As I've said, This film might be starring me, but it's really about all the patients, families, caregivers and lives that have been devastated by FTD.

We've 15 days left for taking donations.  We've reached over 50% of our goal on the way to $20,000.

Special Thanks to AFTD for there generous donation.

Please donate to "Howard's Brain" and get us closer to the eradication of FTD.

*$50 donation receives "special thanks" in the films credits.

Project Update #3: Half Full

Joe Becker
Posted by thinkfilmLike
I have scotch glass with the words "Optimista or Pessimista" inscribed above and below a line that marks the shot level.  Depending how I pour that day may say something about my mood.
It's a perspective thing, isn't it: Do I see the glass as half empty or half full?  Well, this past week, our Kickstarter campaign was all about that perspective.  Actually, let me re-phrase that: Last Thursday, you -- all of you very generous people-- pushed us past the half-way mark to our goal funding Howard's Brain.  Thursday night, I raised my glass to all you optimists out there.
It's quite an achievement for only 12 days and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who's contributed to and believed in Howard's Brain so far.
I've never told him this but I think Howard is an optimist by nature -- but a fragile one.  Of course, Howard's dealing with a lot these day so he's entitled to a bit of nerves.  Personally, I'm comfortable living on the margin and I think I do some of my best work when the odds are running against me.
All that said, I'm really looking forward to this next phase of our Kickstarter campaign.  As I said, we're half-way to our goal and there is no turning back.  I'm looking forward to the next week and what insight my scotch glass will reveal.
Thank you all so very much.  Our glass is overflowing.

    Hey Joe,

    Nice Update. Guess your watching the footage and reading my emails. I have to admit you nailed it on the head with the "fragile optimist" remark. Most of my life I've been an optimist by nature and like you I thrive when my backs up against a wall. 

    I've taken a few hits the last 8 years. On one hand I'm extremely satisfied at my accomplishments since I was diagnosed with FTD. On the other, things are getting tougher and the hits just keep on coming. My cognitive skills are declining. Basic computer skills and life skills seem to be getting tougher. I constantly need to relearn how to do things and need to reread the most basic documents. I've had incredible difficulties just posting and mailing. Basics. I wanted also to send out a short targeting letter today and couldn't write. This after redoing my mailing list database which also took days instead of hours.

    My girlfriend was shocked last week that I no longer knew the basic cut and paste command. This after a technology career and having taught photoshop and pagemaker.

    My doctor called to make an appointment earlier this week and I forgot where on my iPhone I put appts. Took me about 20 minutes to find it by pushing every app and then when I found it I had to figure out how to set the alert. When I went to my appointment,  my doctor Laurie Mullen came out to greet me. She told me I was exactly on time, except 2 days early.

    I received a post from this guy who is taking care of his mother who has FTD. He wanted to play "devils advocate" with me as to why I function with FTD and no one else can. He also doesn't like my attitude :) He apologized after a few correspondences. I explained how I'm functioning and what I do. I also think I'm still at an early stage or early middle stage. I consider myself extremely lucky to where and how fast FTD is progressing. Hard to gage because there are plenty in my FTD Patient Support group that are functioning like me with the same "Never give up" attitude as me.

    I'm so proud of the members of the FTD patient support group. 30+ people who don't whine and complain, but rather discuss nutrition, attitude and help support  each other to continue a productive life for as long as they can. I'm truly honored not only to be the founder of the group, but to be a member of it. A large portion of the film is dedicated to making those choices to live, not taking the easy road of giving up and letting life slip away. 

    I really don't have any complaints. I am working harder now than I can ever remember and I'm fine with that.  It just takes so much to get through each day and I find I resent wasting any time these days. Morning is my Prime Time hours and I hate wasting a minute. I find myself resentful of wasting and time and appreciate what I have and how much I'm accomplishing.

    I've a lot to be happy about. I've a lot on my plate, but so what. That's the main reason I'm functioning so well.


    Thursday, March 8, 2012

    FTD and Kickstarter

    click link to see trailer and donate!

    3/8/2012 12:46pm EST Just reached $10,000
    Halfway There!!!
    We're almost halfway to our goal of $20,000. We need your donation now to continue filming and finish the film "Howard's Brain".

    A little about "Kickstarter", it's a site that allows people to discover, watch and contribute to fund a project. If the project meets its goals in a set period of time, the project is funded, if it doesn't meet the established threshold, the monies collected are returned to the donors. 

    We hardly ever beseech each other to contribute to worthy causes yet, this one is so personal and close to home for most of you that I'm asking you to do that now.

    This film might be starring me, but it's really about all the patients, families, caregivers and lives that have been devastated by FTD.

    If your reading this there is good chance you are family member, caregiver, friend or someone in the health industry directly related to FTD. You know how devastating FTD is. The film is not only about devastation, it's about me finding purpose in life again and grasping at a life that is going away. There's no question my health is declining, but I'm choosing life and to make the most of it till the very end. 

    Please watch the trailer and if you're moved, donate something towards the project.  

    Maybe circulate the link to your communities, via e mail or post on FaceBook?  Get your community / family to support this project in this way. Joe Becker of Thinkfilm is the filmmaker, he's won Emmys for TV's "West Wing" and produced hundred's of other projects  including the short FTD caregiver film, "it is What it is". This is a real opportunity to get this film made.

    "Howard's Brain" being made will shine a light on this awful disease and raise more funds for research and an eventual cure.

    Donors who pledge $1+ will receive something special depending on the amount. $50 pledge will have there name listed in a "Special Thanks"  in the film credits. Please go to the site to see the all pledge gifts.

    Don't let this opportunity slip away from us. 

    We need your help now.
    Thank you,

    Howard Glick"Howard's Brain"

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012

    FTD - Me Wrong? "Howard's Brain" update

    click link to see trailer and donate!

    We're on target being 40% funded toward's our goal of $20,000. We need your help to expose FTD. Please donate to make this film a reality.

    Please help fund "Howard's Brain"


    "Was there ever a time when you thought you were OK but there was something wrong with other people"?

    Hi P,

    All the time. I constantly think I'm right and others are wrong. Even when I'm proved wrong and know I'm wrong, I still don't understand why I'm wrong, even though I'm aware I'm wrong.

    There have been many incidents where I know I'm 100% right. All of a sudden the person I'm with is so hurt and so in shock that I said what I said or could be thinking they way I'm thinking. I know I'm wrong, but have absolutely no idea why I'm wrong. I go to other friends or people and tell them what happened. I then get that sad look and grimace and I know I'm off.

    I've accepted the fact that I have FTD, my brain is damaged and my thought process is corrupt. I can only try to minimize the effect I have on others. These days I've been forcing myself to slow down and be quieter when I'm in a serious conversation . I've been somewhat successful (I think). I'm still the incessant talking, no-stop chattering FTD'er most of the time, but I'm working on identifying those moments when I hurt people and screw up.  I'm trying to minimize the damage I do to other people.

    Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm incredibly logical. It's just my judgement, reasoning and common sense that's all screwed up.

    Living life this way is a nightmare. The movie, "Howard's Brain" shows how operating with a damaged brain can turn a normal situation to absolute chaos for me and those around me. 
    I can only hope people keep donating so we can show the insidious face of FTD and work toward's getting a cure.

    Every day FTD poses new challenges. I can only hope to minimize the pain to others and somehow keep my sanity, while I slowly losing my mind.