Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kickstarter Final Numbers

Hi Everyone,

Final Kickstarter fundraiser numbers for "Howard's Brain". The goal was $20,000 and $23,117 was raised.
This was a total success. Thank you everyone for your global effort. Your hard work and donations made this a reality. This film will increase public awareness of FTD and help increase funds for an eventual cure.

Excuse me now while I leave Starbucks. I'm going home and passing out.

Love to all,


  1. This guy who I didn't know... had asked me in themiddle of the street to move away because smoke was bothering him, so I did. Suddenly, right after that, I came to realize I was being filmed by his camera, maybe he couldn't help it but I did not know why he was invading my privacy. I forgive him and I look forward to meet him again when I go to NYC. Later on I met him again inside Starbuck where I used to go and he was not only friendly but he revealed himself to be a warm, bright person, who passionately was trying to help others who suffered FTD, and through the realization of a film he told me he intended to enlighten people about the great gift of life and how take care of your health, surprisingly thi sguy had an exceptional determination to stay alive, and I believe he had found out that by helping others he could be a happy no matter what FTD was doing to him. He started every day with a big smile (I saw that) on his face and was communicating to others in every way, I think people should be like that to make the best of their day - mabe communicating to others is what this society has forgotten. But I will not forget the conversations that we held, he was fun and I wish him (I wish you Howard... the kind of life that you deserve, a healthy one. Although you already live a Life with a smile on your lips to prove that every time someone needs you, you also are there to inspire them (us). Thanks Howard! take good care and make that great film about FTD so others will find a meaningful life, like you. Natalio (I haven't quit smoke yet, but I am trying).

    1. Hi Natalio,
      Thank you so much for writing that beautiful piece. I look forward to your next visit from Italy. We had some really nice morning conversations. I miss those.Hope your wife gets you to quit smoking.


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