Thursday, March 8, 2012

FTD and Kickstarter

click link to see trailer and donate!

3/8/2012 12:46pm EST Just reached $10,000
Halfway There!!!
We're almost halfway to our goal of $20,000. We need your donation now to continue filming and finish the film "Howard's Brain".

A little about "Kickstarter", it's a site that allows people to discover, watch and contribute to fund a project. If the project meets its goals in a set period of time, the project is funded, if it doesn't meet the established threshold, the monies collected are returned to the donors. 

We hardly ever beseech each other to contribute to worthy causes yet, this one is so personal and close to home for most of you that I'm asking you to do that now.

This film might be starring me, but it's really about all the patients, families, caregivers and lives that have been devastated by FTD.

If your reading this there is good chance you are family member, caregiver, friend or someone in the health industry directly related to FTD. You know how devastating FTD is. The film is not only about devastation, it's about me finding purpose in life again and grasping at a life that is going away. There's no question my health is declining, but I'm choosing life and to make the most of it till the very end. 

Please watch the trailer and if you're moved, donate something towards the project.  

Maybe circulate the link to your communities, via e mail or post on FaceBook?  Get your community / family to support this project in this way. Joe Becker of Thinkfilm is the filmmaker, he's won Emmys for TV's "West Wing" and produced hundred's of other projects  including the short FTD caregiver film, "it is What it is". This is a real opportunity to get this film made.

"Howard's Brain" being made will shine a light on this awful disease and raise more funds for research and an eventual cure.

Donors who pledge $1+ will receive something special depending on the amount. $50 pledge will have there name listed in a "Special Thanks"  in the film credits. Please go to the site to see the all pledge gifts.

Don't let this opportunity slip away from us. 

We need your help now.
Thank you,

Howard Glick"Howard's Brain"

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