Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Fat Lady's Singing

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The Fat Lady's Singing

I want to thank everyone for there efforts. At 11:55pm we crossed the over $20,000. 

This was done with a global community effort. There were separate groups online all working furiously trying to get donations. The people working together have 

There was of flurry cyberspace activity.

Hawaii, Israel, California, Mexico, Florida, Australia, Canada, England, New York and many other places were communicating over the internet.

Two people I know, one I haven't seen or spoken since the 70's, the other I was close with in the 80's were miles away from each other in distant state communicating and combining efforts. It was never discussed that either of them even personally knew me. The only thing discussed was different efforts to raise funds attain our goal and fight FTD.

I need to introduce those two.

One group had about 20 people from multiple countries planning, bantering, posting, tweeting, emailing and sending smoke signals.

When we crossed the 20k plateau, I started getting messages from people like the following,"Great, I can finally go to sleep".

Jennifer from "Dementia Today" tweeted over 700 
people and published an incredible article.
Please read
Howard's Brain
Today is the final day to donate.
Thank you for allowing me to continue the fight against FTD through film.



  1. I am so glad the film will be created. It will be a great way to spread awareness for FTD. We will someday find a cure! Thank you for being so inspiring, even in your condition.

  2. Thank you very much Justin. I'll do the best I can do.


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