Thursday, May 24, 2012

FTD Weight Gain & 3rd Forbes Interview with Young Minister Parent

(New Forbes FTD series patient profile at the end of article) 
Matt Rouse

Well, I’m blimping out. I don’t have any idea how much weight I’ve gained, but it’s been substantial.

Also just realized I need new reading glasses because I’m having trouble reading the screen. Duh, guess it would help if I had my glasses on to begin with. That’s not an FTD thing, that’s a common life experience.

Anyway, back to the walrus-ing of Howard Glick. It’s been happening for months, but’s been particularly bad of late. Last week I threw out half a refrigerator worth of food. Full-unopened moldy Costco spring salad and other rotting fruits and vegetables. This morning I opened the fridge and the only recent addition is organic milk, which I have with my cheerios at 5:20am each day. At least the fridge will be easy to clean with nothing in it. My freezer is full of fish which I do have a couple of times a week. Filled it up 6 months to a year ago with Costco bulk fish products and cannibalize it once in a while.

I have money for food, so what’s the problem. The problem is I stand at the fridge with the door open and can’t make a simple decision what to have. This is a bit more than your basic indecision. This is going back and forth, staring in and just not being able to figure out what to do. 

Then I head out to the local supermarkets, usually wandering isle to isle and not buying anything. Sometimes i partially fill up a shopping cart and just leave. I get confused over prices and items.

What happens from here is one of two things. The first is I order Chinese take-out or pizza. Lately it’s mostly Chinese because my friend Alice will do me bodily harm if I order pizza. She can tell if I’ve had pizza just by texting me hello.  Chinese or pizza is the beginning of the problem. If I order a pizza pie, I eat the whole thing. Just can’t stop. Has nothing to do with being hungry, I eat way past the hungry stage. I just keep shoveling it in, consciously or unconsciously till it’s gone. I do the same thing with Chinese or anything else, but pizza’s the most dangerous.

Many with FTD have sweet tooth’s. Not me. My mother had type 1 diabetes since before I was born; I grew up without any sugar in the house. I naturally don’t care for sweets.

I also rarely prepare hot foods these days unless I nuke em. Incidents of forgetting things on the burners have made me cooking wary.

These days fruits and veggies just don’t do it for me, I’ve turned to a hard-core carb routine and it shows.

I’m stuck in a rut.  It’s happened before but this time I’m having trouble instituting change.

Many of you in and out of FTD world have dealt with this. I welcome your suggestions though comments here, elsewhere or email.



  1. Not sure if this would work, but you could remove the phone numbers of that pizza joint and that Chinese place from your phone speed dial. Or, make a pact that you'll only order a large item like a pizza if there is someone present to help you finish it. I've also bought certain foods only and avoided others, like vegetables over TV dinners. When that's all you have to eat in your house, you eat just those food items. Good luck!

  2. Hi Halina, Do you live in NY, you could help me finish the pizza :-) Good advice, thank you.

  3. Howard, it's obvious that Alice cares about your health. Maybe she could make a daily list for you of what you should eat. Then a grocery list to accommodate that menu. That would eliminate the decision-making. She could include Chinese one day a week.
    Donna Smith

  4. Thank you Donna. Alice said the exact thing last night. It might work.
    Thanks again. Howard


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