Thursday, December 20, 2012

FTD Routine Crash

Amazing how easy it is for everything to go Kerfunkle. The day started out okay with be having my morning tea and work at Cafe Buunni. Then went home and did the Christmas card thing.

Then came lunch. No problem. I went to the fridge and uh oh, no GLWD aluminum food containers. Forgot that I cancelled my meals on "wheels" type delivery Wednesday because I had a meeting. I have  nothing else in my fridge so I decided to head to the store. Well, I just got back after spending an hour walking in and out of 2 supermarkets and 4 restaurants. I deju vu'd to months ago before the charity food service started and I was right back there. Everything just went Kerfunkle. I couldn't decide what to eat or what to do. I vacantly stared at menus, looked at the same foods in the supermarket and couldn't make a decision. You would thing this FTD decision making problem might just give a little break. Nope, standing in the street, cold after my second round to the supermarkets I just stood there stifled and wishing I had my "Howard's Brain" camera to film this. I then realized I stood on this same street thinking the same exact thoughts last summer. Kefunkle.

I do have eggs in the fridge and haven't touched them in a while. A couple of weeks ago I went off the Atkins Diet after my my cardiologist and girlfriend beat me up. Since then I haven't eaten breakfast. Why? I can't decide between eggs and cheerios. Each morning I get up and go to the kitchen and can't decide what to do. Kerfunkle.

What part of my brain is disappearing to make me go through this. It's a good thing I'm losing my mind or I'd think I was in trouble. 

Now it's 1:30pm, I'm lightheaded and haven't eaten a thing yet today. At least I'm losing weight. I'll be fine. It's just another bump in the wonderful world of FTD. Actually, I couldn't figure out dinner last night, so my last meal was  pizza for lunch yesterday. Kerfunkle



  1. I vote for the cheerios! I like them floating in an ice cold bowl of milk.
    I want some now...I guess I will have to go to the store...Honey Nut Cheerios. Or you could share yours, HA!
    Love ya,

  2. Are you still going to get to see your kids??? I hope so. Take photos!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Holidays Howard! <3

    1. Kids are coming in on my birthday, December 24th. Happy holidays to you to Vicki.

  3. Howard,
    Just checking your site. How special you just had a birthday. Happy Belated Birthday! Enjoy your kids we all know how much you care about them. Happy New Year too! Stay strong:O) Peace and Joy!

  4. Keep berries which are full of antioxidants in your fridge. Then when you are hungry and can't decide what to fix, grab a handful of those; also nuts are good to keep and little cutie oranges. I'd stay away from milk, so probably not the cheerios. Good luck during the new year. By the way, NY is one of the most expensive places to live. You might move to the Panhandle of Texas where you can have a 2300 sq ft home for just $159,900 whereas in NYC an 800 sq ft apt. is alot more than that. Just a thought.


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