Friday, May 24, 2013

FTD Awareness Issues

Arizona ALFA Conference

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I texted a friend to see how she's doing. B texted back that her cat fell or slipped out her apartment window. She lives on the 5th or 6th floor. Her cat is in critical condition and fighting for it's life.

I texted back, "Nasty cat from what I remember". I only met the cat briefly once.

Didn't realize what I was writing. I was surprised when she wrote me at length how angry she was with  me and how I should wait before writing because I've FTD. How the cat was a lot sweeter than I'll ever be yadayada. I wrote back a couple of times apologizing profusely saying I was sorry but it was my disease, not me.

It's been about 4 or 5 days and still haven't heard a word from B. This is a friend that has always been kind to me and checks up on me every couple of weeks. Not to many of those left in my life. I did see a pic of the feline on the web with an IV tube in it, read it broke all its toes and other stuff as well. Will take months of recovery till healed.

I had absolutely no control or awareness about what I wrote about her cat. No realization at all that what I wrote was wrong till I got her response. As I sit here drinking my first cold beer of a Friday night, I still don't give a rats ass about the cat. Means absolutely nothing to me. This is FTD. I do miss my friend who is gone, maybe forever.

Those of you reading this might be apt to judge me about Casper the cat. Would you rather I lie. I wasn't this way before I got sick and I'd rather be honest as to further awareness of what a dreadful disease this is than sugarcoat. If this is to much for you, go read the funnies.

Another friend bites the dust. An FTD'ers world gets smaller and smaller. We continue to lose family and friends till there's just about no one left.

LOL - Still nursing my first beer and thinking of what I wrote to my support group. Earlier today I posted in the  FTD Patient Support Group how bored and lonely I was. How I hate holidays because I'm always alone except Thanksgiving. Memorial Day with zero plans. Guess I'll get BBQ Chinese Spare Ribs take out. Be a bit festive. The phone has rung once since I returned a week ago from Phoenix. That was a friend kind enough to call me to tell me they were taking my fundraiser ad down from there web page. No big deal. Sort of guessed it was going to happen. Violated there web policy. 

Any guesses to why I am alone?

Not looking for pity, a violin player or to be rescued. It is What it is. 
I have FTD and I am not alone.

* A local FTD'er just contacted me about getting together this weekend. How's that for a happy ending.

My friends have set up a site to help me since I've run into unforeseen difficulties. Please visit the site below for a further explanation and to help. Thank you.

Happy Memorial day 

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  1. DAMN IT! My comment went into a cyber hole. It was too long anyway.
    I said, "go on with your bad self, Howard" (only in about 500 words) LOL.

    Take care...that cat has nine lives.


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