Friday, September 14, 2012

Need Your Help

Hi Everyone,

Chase Bank is giving donating 5 million dollars to different charitable organizations. AFTD is on the list.  There are 5 days left to "Get Out the Vote" for AFTD in Chase's Community Giving Grant Contest. Please click the link below and use your vote for AFTD! 

This is through Facebook and you need to be a Facebook member.  All you need to do is Click. No registration, no fuss, no mess. Fast, easy and free. 
Just votes, no money.

We need to be in the top 196 organizations to move on. Our voices need to be heard and we need you to vote. AFTD does so much to help caregivers, patients and researchers. Please vote to help them get funds for our cause.

When your done voting, please share this link. FTD is a rare disease so for us to get the necessary votes we need everyone to go above and beyond and share this. 

Please Vote then Share on Facebook 

(Click link)

Lets win this thing and move towards a cure.



  1. Our voices need to be heard, thank you for posting the link. What if you are not on FaceBook? You need to post that also... with thanks. :O)

    1. Hi A,

      This is a Chase Facebook only promotion. I don't know why, but that's what it is.


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