Wednesday, November 7, 2012

FTD and Election Day

Yesterday was election day. Of course I had to put my input into who should run the country as well as the mistakes at the electioneering zone. When I arrived at the polling office there was a giant sign stating, Vote Here, election day and all the other nonsense. I pulled the door and it was locked. I rattled it couple of times, but it was really locked. I found another door with a million signs and arrows. I then heard an elderly voice behind me with a European voice say, "Vaht its closed" referring to the voting site being closed.  I turned to see ms. Vaht starting to turn to leave. I yelled that the entrance was by me and she waddled over. 

Once inside it was a madhouse. I asked to speak to one of the supervisors. A bug eyed rotund guy wearing one inch thick glasses approached me. I explained how the door was locked and people might leave without voting. Ms. Vaht was eagerly reinforced my complaint. Bug eyed guys eyes were literally rolling around in circles. He was distracted by the madness around him. He said it had to be unlocked and he would take care of it. As he walked away I could tell he was overwhelmed and it has a 11% chance of getting done. 20 minutes later still standing on line, he walked by and I stepped out and cut herr portliness off. He looked at me eyes still rolling and I said one word, "door".  His mouth opened and then it clicked. "I'll tell the custodian". Still blocking his way I told him when I finish voting if the door is still locked, I'm ripping the sign down. It registered and he walked away. 

I voted and on the way out there was a really old lady hunched over a walker. The woman behind the desk was telling ms ancientness she was at the wrong polling station. Ms ancientness declared she's been going there most of her life. I turned, took one step and stopped. NAFW -Not a F---in Word (my mantra) I said to myself. I turned back and left. Of course I checked and found the Vhat door unlocked. Homeward bound.

I know much of what I do and say I can't control, but there is plenty I can. I'm trying my best to keep things under control and stay out of trouble. I've  been going out less, actually rarely and only in the mornings to keep things under control,  plus I get tired all the time, plus I'm unmotivated, plus the overstimulation gets to me stressed,  plus a million of the other smorgasbord of rotating FTD symptoms. Good thing my Subway just started running again. I need to do things or I'll start losing my mind  :-)

FTD is a rough disease. The person who gets it slowly loses there mind and at the same time drives everyone around them crazy. At least there's no pain except for testing. That's some consolation for slowly losing your mind. 

I've been through every test possible and will not have anymore. Many want to see how fast there digressing and get tested yearly. That's there option. My advise is when you have a firm diagnosis of FTD which is incurable, untreatable and unstoppable. Give your mind, body and wallet a break and go enjoy life. Stress is one of the worst things for an FTD patient and this FTD'er will avoid the medical community when possible.

Spinal tap was the most painful. It was a painful and cruel test. PET scans and other scans are like being in an airplane engine. You can get definitive  results for a FTD diagnosis results from PET scans and neuropsych testing. All testing will continue to evolve and change. It wasn't to long ago that a Frontal Lobotomy was totally acceptable. While I was in a medically induced fog and misdiagnosed as bipolar in Seattle some idiot told me the only cure for me would be a Frontal Lobotomy or join his self help group Landmarc. I realize now years later how prophetic our conversation. Every person with FTD  Frontal Temporal Dementia comes with an automatic surgery free Frontal Lobotomy au natural.

The only 100% way of be sure you have FTD is an autopsy. I'm looking forward to mine so they can tell me I've had Fluffferfoot and not FTD.


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  1. Found your blog while reading up on FTD and laughed out loud at your last paragraph. Do Flufferfooters have a NAFW mantra?


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