Sunday, November 25, 2012

FTD and Instant On

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I spent it at my friends Steve and Sheila. They had about15- 20 people there. It was a wonderful experience being around such wonderful people, many of whom I see once a year. Each person makes a dish so there's plenty of food. I usually bring bring ice and alcohol. This year I offered to make a big salad for everyone. I went up to Costco and another couple of stores Tuesday to pick up salad materials. I made a bit of a mistake acquiring salad materials. Instead of purchasing enough for 20 people, I bought enough for a small army. I didn't realize as I went from store to store I kept buying the same thing over and over. Plus in a desperate effort to get out, I was just grabbing, throwing in the cart and running. There's enough varieties of lettuce in my fridge to open a lettuce museum. My refrigerator is busting and never has been so full of veggies. I also killed my budget for the month. I forgot about my GLWD "Gods" Love We Deliver" delivery Wednesday so I'll be on the saladian rabbit program for a while. It'll help me lose the nearly 50 pounds I gained this year. That makes 3 weeks this month I've missed GLWD (2 because of Sandy). Today is Saturday and I still can't get into my fridge. I'm sure I'll give away a lot before it spoils.

A friend of mine just walked into Cafe Bunni. She'll take some salad off my hands. We're on the way to get almond peanut butter and other food outside the neighborhood. Almond butter is $11 at the local rip off store. I told her I have almond butter I could give her. She told me that she's seen mine and it expired a long time ago like everything else in my cabinet. Guess it's not like twinkies, that last as long as mummified Pharaohs. Whenever she comes over and I make anything, she checks out the exp. date and insinuates I live in a hazardous material zone. Hey, besides FTD, cancer, heart disease and obesity I'm perfectly healthy and don't get sick more than once every couple of weeks. Last week I did make chicken. I made a big bag of thighs so I would have enough for a few days. Sort of forgot about it and found it sitting out a day later. Didn't even think about it. Had a piece and ate the rest over the next few days. 

I've had to slow down quite a bit and retool my "instant on" mode. "Instant on" to me is when I become aware that I've been unaware of how inappropriate my behavior has been when I've created a mess. Normally it's not till hours or days that my "instant on" clicks and I realize what happened. Maybe It should be renamed "slow motion instant on." When it hits me what happened I usually don't care, but am aware of the realization what happened. Next is to deal with it, even though I don't care. 

*Just had a friend read the previous paragraph. It made sense when I wrote it yesterday, but I just reread it 5+ times now and can't follow it. She says it makes sense and that's good enough for me.

I do realize that things are a just a wee bit out of control in many aspects of my life. My routine needs to be more structured and I need to add many little things that are falling through the cracks. I decided to order a dry/erase calendar board. Ordered a cheap one from Amazon. This way I can add a task a day to what I'm doing and put a red asterisk next to critical things. 

I just have to keep adjusting things to try and make things smoother as well as life easier. 



  1. Howard, Sounds like a plan with the dry erase board. My husband doesn't realize numbers, dates. Good you realize to adjust your day because of where your brain is at. Did you ever make it out to get your picture frames like you said before?
    Stay strong and peace my friend:O)

  2. Hi A,
    The dry erase board is a calendar with the days of the week so I can put in things I do weekly. Haven't got the picture frames yet,


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