Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Leaving the Heights. Moving Day

Well, had pizza. Surprise, surprise. Packed all my plates so I ate it out of a large plant saucer. Alright I admit it. It still had dirt in it. Big deal, just a little potting soil. Was filming my packing at the time so I guess it's in the film. At least I put a napkin on my lap while having this epicurean feast (right, lol).

Did get a break from the packing. A dear friend and one of my docs, Dr. Laurie Mullen took me out for dinner. I'll miss Laurie. She's been with me since I got to NYC 5 years ago and has helped me all the way through. Never blinking at my craziness.

Dr. Laurie Mullen

Still packing. Had some help from my friends David and Steve. Both helped me for an afternoon. David got the fragiles done for me. Steve who was the king of efficiency. Steve helped me pack the furniture and organize. With Steve's expert tutelage, The place was transformed and I can even see what I'm doing.

The night before I had a huge Tug of War with my frug. I have a large persian area rug in my bedroom which takes up most of the room. Queen side bed without a queen on the middle. How does FTD screw you up. I could not figure out where to move the bed to get the rug out. Around and around the room I went. Pushing the bed to different areas of the room, only to be blocked by end tables, chairs, dressers. Lifting the bed, tugging at the rug. Cursing and yelling like a maniac with the music blasting in the background. Couldn't figure it out. I was drenched in sweat. Finally, finally got the rug out. It was an orgasmic experience.

Steve and I went out for lunch. While on the street, Steve sees an old friend Phil Hartnett. Phil was living in Rhode Island and was back in the neighborhood with some old friends who also moved away. Within a minute we were hugging and laughing. We were friends growing up. I didn't even recognize him. Haven't seen him since the 80's when I started on my universal gypsy trek. Before long two others that were Phil joined us, Jimmy and Tommy. Haven't seen either of those since the early eighties either.  We were all hugging, screaming and laughing. Spent an hour reminiscing and catching up.  What a fitting moment for my last weekend living in Washington Heights.

 Tommy, me, Jimmy, Steve and Phil

The Boys

Today is moving day. I'm wrapped in confusion. Friends, people want things but don't pick them up so I don't know what's for who. Then I give away or sell something I promised. I'm sure when I think about it now I should have been telling people to take things or putting a note on stuff. I've done 90% of the packing and am running on empty. Hey, I've friends that would've gladly helped me. But I'm as an asshole and did it myself over the last few weeks. I have to work as hard as I can not to succumb to FTD. I'm driven to do what I'm not suppose and can't do and am almost manic in my desire to cling to my own humanity. Now it's 6:11am and I'm about to start taking all the boxes downstairs. My friend reminded me last night I have a heart condition. That and Hangtoe. At 12:30pm the pod and movers come.

Went to the Monkey Room last night. Had a couple of beers and met a nice couple. They were a perfect couple. He a young history Phd professor. She a MA psychology student who wants to be a dating site shrink. She could've been a model. We talked me, FTD, a bit of them and of course her beautiful body parts and sex. Of course as I'm writing right now I'm realizing what I said to her. Someone should take out life insurance on me. Don't  know what my life expectancy will be in Arizona. Of course I also asked them about there sex life. They both radiated and kept cutting each other off expressing how fantastic there sex is. How fun is that. Went home alone and frustrated of course. LOL

Also went out with for dinner with a good friend of mine Alice. Asked the waitress if she had a new boyfriend. Alice told me I was getting out of control. Chelsea is a pretty southern belle. She declared it's July and she always has good luck dating in July. Of course I asked if she's having great sex. Yes she said beaming. She went on about a date with dinner, a show and of course great sex after.

Clinically, you could say I'm back in the hypersexual stage with sexual jokes, comments and me perpetually horny. Keep thinking of Arizona, getting in shape and having great sex myself.

The other day I gave up on selling stuff. Just couldn't deal with putting up signs and dealing with people. Exhausted and overwhelmed. Boom. Pissed at myself for failing. I needed to sell my shit because I need the money. Put up the fucking signs and sold almost everything in hours. Talked FTD to anyone who crossed my doorstep and met some new, really nice people. One really nice guy and writer whose published on Amazon spoke to me about the ins and outs of Amazon books (Kindle). Looking forward to finishing my book in Arizona. There's a wonderful stuff and a lot ugliness that's happened in the last few years. I've decided to disclose all. I used to fret over this and the hurtful truth. Now, I really couldn't give a shit. Apathy huh.

Closed a deal on a car. Have a used Mini Cooper waiting my arrival in Scottsdale. I won't be driving much. Starbucks and Supermarkets. Am really excited about it.

Time to post and move boxes to the basement. I will keep forging ahead.


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  1. Howard, Safe travels and looking forward to your next post.


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