Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Total Disaster

Well sometimes FTD gets very real and things crash. Yesterday was as bad as it gets. Was up early yesterday and posted a blog before getting to work. Started moving the boxes down at daybreak to the basement which would be my staging area. I was in a zone and wouldn't be deterred by weight, size or human distraction. There was absolutely no organization of what would go down in what order.    I know my deficiencies and wouldn't try to plan or organize it. Just get it all downstairs. That would save hours in paying the movers that were coming. That was the mission. At 1pm, two movers were coming to load the U haul Pod. I was assured of there Uhaul expertise since I hired them through Uhaul and was confident they knew how to maximize space and work efficiently. Yep, and I'm  going to b the next mayor of NYC.

Up and down, Up down, up down,  chic chac. Yes.

Got it done.

The mechanical street cleaning was done from 11:30am to 1pm. As soon as the truck went by I would block the street in front of the building. At 12pm three of my boxes were in the street and cars were filling up the precious NYC parking spots with drivers sitting in there cars as not to get ticketed by the infamous NYC Meter Maids. 

12:30pm. The Professional Uhaul movers show up early. I'll name them Genius 1 and Genius 2. Took the Geniuses up to the apartment and showed them the furniture and bed that needed to be moved. Now I was mentally prepared to hear that it may not all fit and already had a plan for leaving a couple of things behind. They assured me it would all fit in the Pod and they'd done this many times before. Yes, confidence was high. These guys had there shit together.

Shortly before 1pm a car started back up toward's my boxes in the street. Of course the driver had to see them. I watched as the car kept backing up and backing up. Come on, it had to stop. As the car started to run over my box Genius 1&2 started shouting and I launched myself off the stoop yelling till I reached the car and pounded on the window. The car stopped and the window opened. A brilliant disarming smile came from the passenger side window. It was Judy, the woman who was moving into my apartment once I move out. She and the driver Di had no idea they were running over my box. I told Judy I changed my mind and wasn't going to move :-) We checked the box out. I had no idea what was in it and wasn't opening. Told them not to worry. They invited me into the car. Of course I was filming and put the camera in the back window. Di was incredibly sexy and had a low cut dress with plenty of cleavage showing. Yea, yea, yea. It took me all of a minute to tell her what incredible tits she had. She took it in stride and the three of us discussed FTD for a while. I explained that it's not like Alzheimer's and memory wasn't effected to much in the early stage. Mostly behavior, executive functions yada, yada. Told them my story. They then went upstairs. Oop, left the camera in the car running. No memory issues here.

The Pod came shortly after and Genius 1&2 told me everything was okay and they'd get everything packed in no problem. Told them I'd go to the restaurant across the street. Hey, I let professionals do there job and get the fuck out of the way. I ordered lunch and my phone rang. It was Genius 1. Houston, we have a problem. They got the bed and box spring in and there was no way everything was going to fit. In fact, the bed took up almost half the Pod.  I have a normal queen size bed. Both David and Steve helped me with measurements earlier and I knew it was going to be tight but............Cancelled lunch and went back. Genius 1 said they pack the boxes and see what room is left and get what furniture they could in. Once they finished there it was full with no room for furniture. Not one piece. I freaked out. Started cursing at the Uhaul rep on the phone till she hung up on me. It was suppose to fit my stuff. I was going nuts on the sidewalk. This was costing me close to $3,000 and I couldn't bring my shit. 

I lost my balance walking empty-handed and fell. Empty handed with the exception of my Camera. In an instant "Howard's Brain" was put on hold. Pieces broke off the camera. Right now I'm in a wee bit of pain typing with my swollen hand which possibly has a broken bone. To make matters worse I slammed it on a box later out of frustration. It still turns on but is dead.

My friend Laurie was walking by. She calmed me down. We all spoke and decided to take the boxes out and I'd go through the boxes and get rid of unnecessary items and throw out whatever. Laurie also called Brano, my building superintendent. We needed someone with a hight functioning brain who had there shit together. Great move Laurie. She and Brano helped a situation which quickly was cascading out of control. Then load up my dressers, couch etc. Genius 1 & 2 agreed. Confidence was not high. In fact, I was exhausted and heading out of control. We spoke about overtime. The professional mover Geniuses got $12.50 an hour. 

I took the geniuses out for Pizza lunch and then back to work.

Things were quickly spiraling out of control. 

The geniuses were now dragging my couch on the cement, couch arms down. The protection  coverng  it stripped off from the pavement. I noticed the bottom frame for the pullout bed was bent. The Geniuses had the competency of the Asiana pilot that crashed at San Francisco Airport.  Now my couch was damaged.  I later found the couch leg by the elevator.

Now all the boxes were in the street and I was opening them with a screw driver. Piercing the tape and yanking soon went into a rage of stabbing the boxes to death repeatedly not caring about what was inside. I can't decide what to eat for lunch and now I'm going through all these boxes. I tried to organize boxes I knew to take on one side but Genius 2 kept moving them. I was totally Fucking confused. Taking out shoes, underwear, my death suit. Food cans. Neighbors and people were stopping and staring. Boxes and shit were all over the sidewalk. Neighbors came over later and told me they've never seen anything like it.

The Uhaul manager them called. We spoke and argued. I asked for a discount on another Pod. Patrick said Uhaul doesn't do that. I told I felt deceived etc. He said he'd call me back. Never did.

Genius 2 then grabbed the "now' garbage bag (clothes, pictures). I turned and he was now putting my designated garbage back in the truck. 

Small portion of the sidewalk

I stood up and surveyed the entire situation. Shit everywhere. Geniuses. At that exact moment I knew exactly how the Captain of the Titanic felt. Run Howard Run. Just go. Head to the Subway. JFK Airport and next flight to Phoenix. Just go. Write all the shit off. Shaking my head I turned to walk. The phone rang. A savior, Dr. Laurie again. She brought me back to planet earth, but I was far gone. 

Geniuses were bringing my furniture dressers. kitchen table etc. back into the building and back up to the apartment.

My building Superintendent Brano then showed up and took charge of the whole situation. he got in the truck and directed the  Geniuses and me on what to do . They loaded the couch and boxes back in. All the boxes were open and plastic garbage bags with my stuff were loaded. I later went to the truck and noticed boxes all falling into other boxes because they were all open. stuff wasn't going to be everywhere. My fairly new TV was sideways with other stuff piled on. Brano was doing the best he could, but everything was open and everywhere. We would be there all night to repack. Shit everywhere. Heard glass breaking more than once. 

Geniuses hadn't a clue what they were doing and there gross incompetence just fucked up my life. 

The door was closed with stuff falling out against it. Once that door was opened in Arizona, everything would come piling out. 

I walked back to the stoop exhausted and in shock. My thoughts were total loss. 

Now it's Tuesday morning and I'm heading back to my apartment. Everything needs to be out. My Teak dressers and all my other stuff will be sold for nothing of thrown out. Brano said he would store it but I've no money to ship it. I'm at a total loss. I will have nothing in Arizona but a bunch of broken shit in boxes and bags. Anything protecting anything is off. Couch probably destroyed as well. I've no idea what I'm going to do. Underwear, socks clothing on the floor of my Arizona apartment. No tables, bed frame nothing. Everything in NYC.

Last night I was having dinner at a restaurant and an old friend Elga called me over. Neighbors contacted me about Elga over a year ago. She had dementia and nobody  was able to help her. I helped Elga get medicaid, full time home health aide and into the Riverstone program for those with dementia. She was telling those at the table how I saved her. Other neighbors came over to the table shaking there heads and told it was horrible what happened in the street and they were going to call Uhaul.

I then started crying.



  1. Holy shit Howard, what a bunch of wankers! Can't believe they did that to your stuff. The incompetence level is amazing, and after you had gone to so much effort to make it simple for them (as for your friend running over your boxes, well what can I + boobs = its OK sweetie, run over my shit as much as you like :-) but I'm really sorry to hear you have got to your new place and have almost nothing there. The last thing you need is a load of expense, having to go out in a strange place and get more stuff, because the stuff you PAID to have moved has been broken or left behind. When we moved to Finland, I stood and watched as both pallets of our belongings toppled or the back of the truck from a height of about 6 feet...the pallets themselves were also stacked about 6 feet high....nothing survived.

  2. Find your inner Zen Howard. You are stronger than any of the obstacles that the universe is putting in your path right now. Things can be replaced, it is definitely not something you want to do, but it is YOU that is important. You have many new friends here in AZ that will pull together to make sure you have what you need for your new home. I will be with you in spirit during your travels! Please let Rita and I know right away when you make it to your new apartment. I will do anything I can to be of assistance once you are here.

    1. Thanks. Have recovered already. Just hoping my stuff is salvageable when it gets to Scottsdale. Will be in contact via Rita.

  3. Poor Howard!! What a nightmare! I hate moving. I don't think most of the people who work as removal men give a toss. It's just a job to them - and just stuff - not their stuff so they don't care. :-(

  4. Howard, I am so sorry this has happened to you. I think you should be reimbursed for the damages to your items and the fact that they told you the wrong size pod. I hope that your things will be salvageable too when you get to Arizona. It looks like Crystal has a plan and will be waiting for you to arrive so that's great. Hang in there as everything is going to be okay in spite of what has already happened. Have a safe trip!
    Take care,
    Kathy :)


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