Thursday, January 23, 2014

AFTD Education Conference 2014

The Annual AFTD Conference 
White Plains, NY 
(just outside NYC) on March 14, 2014.
(10am-6pm. AFTD social event following meeting)

Caregivers, medical personel as well as patients are invited to the conference. Last year we had about 12 patients attending. Many are signed up so far this year. 

Learn about the disease that has affected our lives and families. Learn new ways of coping, strategizing towards the future and find out the latest efforts towards a cure from the best FTD specializing medical minds in the country.

Since FTD is such a rare disease, this is an opportunity to see your not alone and learn different tecqniques of dealing with FTD. 

I will be co-hosting a session for those diagnosed with FTD: "Making a New Life After Being Diagnosed."

Besides being educated this will be an excellent conference to network and help set up new support groups for patients and caregivers.

I will be organizing a separate informal dinner for just patients and there companions Thursday March 13th at 7pm close to the hotel. We have 13 signed up for that dinner so far. Please email me at to add yourselves to the reservation.

Here are the links to the Conference and the agenda:

Conference Agenda

Shuttle from LaGuardia or JFK airports. 
Red Dot Shuttle 800-673-3368

Crowne Plaza - White Plains
66 Hale Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601

You Are Not Alone!

* I run a private FTD Patient Support Group on Facebook.  The groups for FTD Patients Only and is open to those with a firm FTD diagnosis. The support group is a place where those with FTD can gather in a positive environment and realize there not alone. It's also a source of accurate information which is rare in the quick changing world of FTD. The director of AFTD, Sharon Denny is a permanent guest member. AFTD has been kind enough to open up there medical board to answer member questions. Please email me at to join.

Thank you to those that have sent me letters, gift cards, Starbucks, cash etc. They are deeply appreciated. I've dedicated my life to FTD awareness and advocacy. For those that want to help there is a yellow donation button on top of the page or my address below with gift cards, checks or cash. All help is deeply appreciated:

Howard Glick
7791 East Osborn Rd. apt. 170E
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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  1. Thanks for all your help and info! Without you and Diana, I don't know if Mom and I would have known where to go or what to do! We are both looking forward to meeting everyone, making memories, and arming ourselves with more knowledge on FTD!


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