Thursday, October 24, 2013


Bought a pair of sneakers a few weeks ago. I usually act pretty fast when people make comments. Someone sort of hinted by telling me I could put my sneakers in a bucket with bleach to refresh them. Bottoms were worn. They sort of ran away on there own long ago, so I took the 50 yard trek from Starbucks to Big 5. Big 5 is  the "Staples" of sporting goods. The 10 year old customer service rep helped me. Bada Bing, Fifteen minutes later was back typing at the Starbucks table my butt is now acquiring.

A couple of days later they really started hurting. I'm no hero, but seems my body has been crackling from pain for a while now. It's not just the pain. With FTD your ruminate on the pain, which makes it worse. I ignored it hoping the sneakers would break in. Instead my feet were getting broken in. I started putting on bandaids when my socks were getting stained with blood. Of course the story within the story was buying a box of bandaids. This included trips to "Fry's", "Walgreens" and "Walmart". What type, size, cost etc. Nothing is simple in FTD world. My morning routine now changed to include band aiding each morning. Of course it's a domino effect was now I didn't have anyplace to throw the bandaid wrapping, ends or used band aid. I've bought minimum 4 garbage cans and returned them all since moving. To tall, to small, color etc. Now I've these annoying little pieces from bandaids. Found an empty plastic bag to throw them out it. Days later I discovered my unopened meds were in that plastic bag with bandaid pieces. Hey, everyone hates those little pieces that fall on the floor etc. Can't they invent edible wrappers. The bandaids helped, but my feet still hurt and I needed to adjust how I was walking. 

Now it's three weeks or so later and I'm back in Big 5. Not because of the sneakers, but need to refresh another of life's items that wear out. I'll spare you.

While looking a salesman asked if he could be of assistance. Since my feet were hurting I went right into how I purchased the sneakers 3 weeks ago and they hurt and are cutting into my foot. Could anything be done? Chris told me he could see by looking at them that they were way to small and stated I should've had him help me. Ridiculous. I told him someone else helped me and I came to Big 5 and paid more for sneakers not expecting experts, but a bit of help. Hey, I expect to pay a bit more, but get product that works. Otherwise, instead of dealing with brainless twits, I might as well save money and order from Amazon or Zappos. He asked if I had the receipt. No, and I told him I had dementia. I don't know if Chris realized it, but we were heading into an FTD realm of no return. This was about to get out of control and I really didn't give a shit. We went from bad sneakers to me spending $50 and getting ripped off from incompetence. Unacceptable. 

Chris was a good manager/guy. He had me sit down. Brought out the same sneakers except 2 sizes larger. Took me to the register and made an exchange. Wearing them now. It's so nice not to be in pain. Big 5 has now earned a loyal customer instead of the worst enemy in the world. An FTD'er.

I'm aware that I'm not aware.
*Just wanted to say I do take total responsibility for this whole thing. If I wasn't sick, I'd have realized when I initially tried them on that they didn't fit. I wouldn't have worn them for weeks in pain. They were ridiculously tight. In fact, they were crazy tight. What can I say it's the disease, FTD. FTD causes your judgement to be totally off. *Added on after article was written.

Have been is a tremendous amount of pain lately. Both hands. wrists killing me. X-rays show extreme damage to one wrist. Had 6 of 8 bones broken/dislocated. Multiple incidents and surgeries with severe arthritis now. The other I can't hold a glass of water and it hurts to type. Have an appt. with a specialist on Monday. Have to actually use my other hand to release the emergency break. Shifting hurts like hell.
Used to take painkillers, but stopped. All the public stigmas and my girlfriend used to drive me crazy. Back on them now and I have relief. I can't tell you how nice it is to have relief from chronic pain. I've a new doctor now, Dr. O'Leary is a good guy. Was interested in FTD and me. Glad I didn't have to fire another one.

Onward we forge with new possibilities opening before my eyes. Will make this blog short. Yes, I'm in pain.



  1. Love your new sneakers.
    Sorry you're in pain...not good!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Wishing you a very speedy recovery and hope all your pain goes away soon. By the way, loving your shoe design and most importantly it seems very comfortable.


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