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Bankers and Cops

* I run a private FTD Patient Support Group on Facebook. It is open to those with a firm FTD diagnosis. The support group is a place where those with FTD can gather in a positive environment and realize there not alone. It's also a source of accurate information which is rare in the quick changing world of FTD. Please email me at to join.

I'm alone in a new city alone with FTD. No friends, virtually no support. Just me and a keen desire to have a few good years of happiness and productivity.

NYC vs. Scottsdale, Arizona
Some have contacted me concerned about the monsoons.

Monsoon = Thunderstorm
Lions, tiger and bears. Oh my.

I love it here. The biggest thing that helps me cope with my FTDness is getting away from the overstimulation of NYC. The noise, crowds, supermarkets, subway, ambulances, gun shots kept me on edge. Here in Scottsdale it is slower, quieter. The Starbucks is wide open and not crowded.

Cost of living is much less expensive. Me, I'm still frightened to spend money. I'm okay but have zero grasp on my finances and banking. All I know is I've really no one to lean on, so if I fail I'm finished. My expenses are a used car and life stuff.

I had great bank support with Chase in Manhattan. Everyone in the branch knew me, my difficulties with FTD and went out of there way to help me. Went into the Chase bank close to my new home. Asked for the Branch Manager. Within a minute I was flanked by 4 Chaser's. All four including the branch manager looked like they barely passed through puberty. Told them I was from NYC, just moved here and had special banking needs due to a rare brain disease. I told them my bank in NYC was extremely helpful. Well guess what? I was FTDed. The 4 Chaser's went into where they were from, there lives, how long they were Chaser's. One from Chicago, one leaving next month. Every 30 seconds they would boast how well they take care of each customer and it's all about customer. I couldn't get a word in except when they asked me if I was a Jets or Giants fan. Was there about 20 minutes putting up with there non-stop incessant blabbering about how great they are and how they can help me. Then they all thanked me for coming and told me they looked forward to my business and fled. The Chaser's were gone. I sat by myself surveying the scene. Not one of them asked me what my special banking needs nor if I wanted to open an account there. I didn't even get to discuss FTD. Was God or the Universe trying to tell me something. If so, I've no idea what. Yes, pun intended. They Chase'd me out. I'll never walk in that Chase branch again.

Thank God for my friend Diana. Diana said find a bank by a comfortable restaurant or place you like to go. Well, right across the street was my new favorite Mexican restaurant which had 99 cent tacos. All was not lost. A happy ending. Like everything else the bank stuff will get done and be settled in the end.

Having FTD or any type of dementia is losing life skills. Things come and go. The need to relearn things is constant. Sometimes you can relearn and sometimes things are simply gone forever. I'm constantly trying to keep up with my FTD and find different ways to live with dementia and a dying mind. There simply aren't enough support groups and support for those with FTD. One reason I'm doing well is because of "Memory Club" which gave me the skills to live with early onset dementia. I also get tremendous support from the group I set up, "The FTD Patient Support Group". FTD is a wicked disease and absolutely no one has a crystal ball to how fast the progression and death will be, but I guarantee that with earlier, better support for the FTD'er. Everyone's life will be easier.

I've not had a blowout since I've moved here. A combination of being less overwhelmed and not around people that much. Am taking things slower with lots of rest time. Had a task to take on. Needed a new TV stand/entertainment center. Of course it comes in a million pieces and werghs over 100 pounds. Following directions and putting it together is not like the days of old or the days of beginner FTD dementia. I keep trying to adapt. Pre-FTD I'd whip it together without even looking at the manual.  With FTD/dementia the instructions make no sense and to try and follow the instructions would lead to a tantrum and me smashing things.

The stand was delivered and I let it sit there leaning against the wall for a couple of days. Secretly planning in my head how this was going to get done. First of all, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". Mentally, I'm prepared to having to do it over and over again. I will not flip out when I screw it up. I'll keep reversing until correct and then proceed. Big secret. Never, never screw in screws all the way till the very end. Yes, easy to write this shit ,but the end justifies the means. I'll arrange everything out on the floor in separate piles and put it together following the diagram, not the instructions. Follow the picture to see length and positioning. Use FTD certifiable GPS to make sure it is centered properly in the room.

My living room 

Miss my friends. Miss having really smart people around me. One of my friends in NY was perhaps the smartest person I've ever met. She'd keep in the loop with my FTDness and kept me from drifting toward's trouble or at least told me when I was in trouble and didn't know it.

Got a call from my NYC pharmacy yesterday. I'm late picking up my prescriptions. The hits just keep on coming. Went from my 99 cent Taco to Walmart. Planet Walmart is new to me. There are none in NYC. Walmart and it's Walmartian inhabitation is a strange, new FTDish experience. I go to stores in the middle of weekdays. Close to empty stores keeps my FTD anxiety at bay and I sometimes make it through without running out empty-handed or FTDing some poor soul. Gave the Pharmacy Walmartian my NYC refill info. He said something unintelligible about day or days. Thanked him profusely. Felt like I was in one of the, "Men in Black" movies. Got out while I could.

Met a really nice person a couple of times at Starbucks. We've sat and talked on her days off.   Besides normal banter and me deluging her with my non-stop FTD rant. She's is helping me with tips on local driving, bad local driver habits (running red lights)etc, dangerous intersections, laws etc. Her expertise is accident investigations. We talked about my FTD and driving. I told her of my precautions and many concerns with FTD/dementia drivers. From a law enforcement point of view, if I could follow the laws, then I've a right to drive. A real nice person with a serious, fun edge about her. Lisa is looking forward to retiring in May from the Scottsdale Police Department.

One day at a time. I'm slowly getting settled and each day get a bit more done. Cancelled my NYC Medicare Health plan and just got a new Arizona Medicare Health plan. Crisis management till open enrollment starts in October. Have to find docs. One day at a time. Lots of breaks. Doing Great!


I just moved to Arizona. Any help in the way of Gift Certificates: Target, Costco, Walmart, Starbucks etc. or checks would be deeply appreciated. Or if you just want to write me a letter or a note, that would be nice. I am not starving. Those who can help that would be appreciated. There's also a donation button on top right of this page.

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  1. you are amazing Howard! I love reading your posts. My mom, Susan Suchan, follows you and gets so much inspiration, motivation, and knowledge from you. I am so grateful you share your life with us.


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