Saturday, August 17, 2013

Losing it a Bit

I've noticed a chunk of armor is missing from me. The move and especially the debacle with Uhaul has taken a bit out of me. To talk or communicate with the employees is like speaking to the "Stepford Wives". Big smiles and everything is wonderful, timely and perfect. No matter what you say it's the same response and attitude. Everything's fine.

Well things were not fine. I kept calling Uhaul and getting the runaround. I keep hearing from them that  it will be here and I will get an email and a call. Of course I heard nothing back. It's like a continuation of the NYC nightmare. I admit it, I'm fried and can't deal with Uhaul anymore. I've been in confused sort of state and haven't been able to shake it. A friend of mine from my FTD patient support group Darla offered to help on Thursday. Darla got right on the case making calls all over the country and speaking to people at different levels of Uhaul management. For a while no one could find my stuff. Then I heard it just left NYC Wednesday and was on the road. Finally, late Thursday it was discovered that my pod was in storage in Phoenix for the last couple of days. Crazy. Darla'a 15+ calls netted results and within 24 hours of Darla on the case, my Pod was outside my door. I was instantly able to hire movers who were here in an hour.

These guys were not like the NYC crew who didn't have a clue at what they were doing. 90 minutes later everything was in my apartment. That includes going up a flight of stairs. It didn't start of easy. When they opened the door stuff came piling out. Throughout the move they kept commenting what a terrible job the loaders had done. Easy to see why. This is what the inside of the Pod looked like.

What a wonderful packing job the NYC crew did. My picture boxes and TV are flat and piled up on top of each other. Wonderful.

On the flip side the Arizona crew flew through the job in 109 degree heat. I kept the water bottles coming. I can't say enough how well Fast Man Movers performed. If you have a Phoenix area job, these guys are it.

Went into a sort of crazed unpacking state yesterday for hours. My couch is missing a leg and beat up from being dragged on the NYC pavement, more than half of my glassware and dishes are broken but I was able to sleep on my bed last night. Don't have a chair or dresser and my clothes are in a big pile, but so what. It will get sorted out in time. The wonderful people from Arizona ALFA Assisted Living Federation of America have been in contact and have a kitchen table and some other stuff for me. That will really help.

Was doing pretty good till I realized I spent almost 2 hours in confusion in the kitchen. Couldn't decide where to put all the items and kept reshuffling the same stuff for hours. Realized I just could not organize anything or figure out where to put stuff. Things are strewn all over the kitchen. Finally realized I was going in circles and quit for the night. Hopefully I'll meet someone here to help me organize a bit. It's tough. Could really use a woman's touch. Wish I had a Sheila or another creative decorator to help me.

I now have music and a bed. Life is beautiful. Haven't opened a picture box yet. Think I'll wait on that. Have moved them and haven't heard glass. Hoping to be lucky.

Have been in Scottsdale, AZ 5 days now and am settling in. Need to rest a bit more and I'm hoping to I'll be less confused and back to the FTD feeling of old. Things are slower paced here and that's working out fine for me.

Love my used Mini Cooper and am driving just a few miles a day. I had special brighter headlight bulbs installed at an auto parts dealer. Part of the be safe driving with FTD plan. Of course I rattled off my FTD schpeil to the grease guy. I was shocked that he knew what FTD was. In NY fucking City I never ran into one person who knew FTD and here in Scottsdale, AZ it took a couple of days. Turned out he was tested for FTD, but finally diagnosed with Aspergers. Nice guy.

I'm on track to do exactly what I'm here to accomplish. (could someone please tell me what that is :-) )

Next in line getting new docs. Cardiologist first. Might need another cut and paste job in the near future.



  1. Hi Howard,

    So happy to hear that you finally have your things from U Haul :)That is awesome news! Sorry that things were damaged though during the move. That really stinks. I hope someone will be able to come over soon to help you organize your things. I bet before long you'll be settled in and feeling right at home. Oh, I love your new car :) It looks like an awesome vehicle.

    Kathy :)

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